Parish Council



      With the recent merger of our three parishes into one, our three parish councils have also merged into one.  The Parish Council meets the first Tuesday of each month at 6pm in the Fireside Room at St. Alice.  The purpose of the council is to establish pastoral priorities in keeping with the teaching of the Catholic Church, to develop and implement pastoral programs, to improve pastoral service and outreach, and to evaluate the effectiveness of pastoral activities.  All of which in cooperation with the pastor (see Canon Law #536).  For more information about the role of the council and our constitution, click here.     


Karlo Goerges (SC). Karlo is a Trustee and Knights of Columbus Representative.

Open position (OLOL). Trustee.

Mike Burns (SC).    

Open position (SC).

Lois Kuntz (SC). Lois holds the "at large" position.

Open position (SC).

Brent Haman (SA)  Brent is the Chairman of the Parish Council.

Open position (SA).  

Amber Sechser (OLL).  Amber is the Secretary of the Parish Council.

Open position (OLL).

John Bueckers (OLL).  John is the Vice Chairman of the Parish Council.

Lynda Powell (SA).  Lynda is the CCW representative.

Lynda Powell (SA).  Lynda is the St. Vincent DePaul representative.