Cambodia Mission 

Helloooooo! This is Phil Kostecka. For those of you who don’t know me, I have been a member of Our Lady of the Lakes Parish since I was 6 months old. Many of you may know me from my years altar serving at mass. I am writing today to inform you all about my previous mission to Cambodia and to ask for support in my upcoming mission trip to Cambodia this fall.  

My initial trip to Cambodia took place the end of February 2023 with Father Scott Padrnos. While in Cambodia I was very impacted and have made the decision to return in September and stay for about 10 months. My decision was influenced by the work and need in Cambodia as well as the peace and happiness I experienced while there. During my second week there, I was quite sick and remember thinking to myself, “no place I’d rather be” and realized it was true after repeating it to myself. 

What did I do while I was there? 

I did lots of painting and some construction work, as well as teaching some English. As for the painting, it may sound like a cliché mission trip thing to do, but during my trip I realized a deeper and more meaningful way of thinking about painting. Sure, it is a very simple thing to do, but the surroundings and environment of the family or students for whom we painted should reflect the dignity of the people living there and should foster growth and learning in the school. So, the simple elevation of their surroundings means much more than just creating a nice looking home or classroom, it is deeper than that.  

What will I do when I go back?  

 Two of the physical needs that struck me most while there were the plumbing needs and a need for clean drinking water. I hope to do plenty of plumbing endeavors as they are in serious need of upgraded plumbing, ranging from drains, toilets that flush, sinks, and showers in rural areas. In addition to this, water hygiene is something I would like to assist with while there and would love to distribute a filtering system to families and communities outside the city. Aside from these I hope to be a handyman/laborer for the missionary priests in Cambodia.  

Why should you give? 

I am going to Cambodia and need some help to get there. I desire to give of my time and talent while there and hope to have you be a part of the mission by giving of your treasure. By supporting myself, Nic, and company, you are a part of something Great and Beautiful, you are a missionary from home and just as needed as those on the ground in Cambodia.  

How you can give. 

Check out the website freelygiveninc.org for more about the individuals making up the team in Cambodia and their individual missions/goals and our goal as a whole mission team. 

You can give directly to support my trip by writing out a check to the church with the memo “Cambodia.” Or go to ourladylakes.com/online-giving to give online.  

THANK YOU for your prayers and support!!! 

Philip Kostecka